Earth Matters: “TRUCK FARM”

Saturday, June 2nd – 9:30 AM @ Camelot Theatres
Free Admission – Click Here to Register

Can people in Brooklyn really grow their food without land?  Truck Farm documents the story of a quirky new generation of urban farmers.  You’ll see America’s funkiest farms, and find out if people like us can learn to feed ourselves.  The cast of Truck Farm includes a chef, an explorer and one very unusual seagull.  Blending fascinating resourcefulness with sublime silliness, Truck Farm ponders the future of urban farming, and discovers whether sustainability is best fertilized by whimsy.

The Power of Community: How Cuba Survived Peak Oil

Saturday, May 19th – 9:30 AM @ Camelot Theatres

We’re all living in a post peak oil world. The cheaper oil has been tapped out, and now it’s increasingly difficult, risky and expensive to fill the tanks of our cars. It’s time to innovate, and this beautiful and uplifting film shows us the ways.  When the former Soviet Union collapsed, Cuba’s oil supply stopped. Cuba is the only country to face such a sudden, massive reduction of fossil fuels. Cubans had to quickly adapt and co-create ways to prosper.  This beautiful, exotic, uplifting and inspiring documentary shows how communities reinvent and rejuvenate. It shows us the ways of survival and sustainability.  Discover why Cubans say, with less oil, their community is much better than it was before.  Being better than before is the essence of what our Earth Matters films, The Palm Springs Office of Sustainability, Peter McGugan’s book “Occupy Consciousness” and are all about.  Join us for this beautiful, practical and hopeful event, hosted by Peter McGugan. [Read more…]