AmDocs – Best of 2012, “Comandante”

Thursday, July 19th – 7:30 PM @ Camelot Theatres

Named after Fidel Castro’s nickname and military rank, Comandante is a 93-minute documentary taken from the over 30 hours of interview footage between the Cuban leader and filmmaker Oliver Stone. Capturing Stone’s February 2002 trip to Cuba, the film includes three days of conversation between the two men in places like the Terraza restaurant in Cohima. Discussing his youth and rise to power, Castro also talks about the Cuban Missile Crisis, the U.S. embargo, and Cuba’s place in the world. Originally made for Spanish television, Comandante premiered at the 2003 Sundance Film Festival.

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AmDocs Best of 2012

Thursday, June 14th – 7:30 PM @ Camelot Theatres

Philadelphia, Here I Pun (22 min.)- “With the absence of prospects at home, the people of Ireland evacuate the country at the speed of refugees in a war-torn country – a reaction to the economic meltdown for which the government’s surreal answer was to hand out free cheese. And Irish lawyer has his fill and, with a looming draconian budget and cold winter looming, quits his job and takes off on his motorbike for find a better life abroad.”

On The Way Home (56 min.)- “A man, his truck, his wife, and their beloved dog survive in post-communist Russia, making the most of life in this road film about a part of the world that is little seen in the West.”

Two great films that will cool you from the summer heat and at the same time, warm your hearts.

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American Documentary Film Festival Screening Series (Among Giants & Ordinary Joe)

Thursday, May 17th – 7:30 PM @ Camelot Theatres

The first, a short film entitled Among Giants, tells the story of Farmer, a direct action environmental activist in his late 20s, who decides to tree-sit in the McKay Tract — a 60-acre grove of ancient redwoods that is home to spotted owls, deer, flying squirrels, and countless other life forms, to protest the Green Diamond Resource Company’s clearcutting of redwood forests, devastating habitats and leaving scars across the land. The film uses a verite style that reflects the pace of life in the tree village, shows the forest from Farmer’s perspective, and questions what it means to make personal sacrifices for a larger cause.

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